Cambridge Riverside project


Atkins Global


Red-Grey Granite Paving and Kerb


A very simple uplift to the riverside path with red-grey granite paving and kerb. A thoughtful little detail takes the surface water from the roofs of the houses across the pavement in a gentle dished channel. The paths curve gently so every few metres there is a row of tapered slabs to maintain the lines of paving at right angles to the direction of the path. The tapered slabs were supplied in that form and to fit the width of the path exactly so no costs were incurred on site with unnecessary cutting and laying was speedy and simple. The tapering is so well done that it is not at all obvious‚ which is how it should be. The scheme shows well what can be done with the richer colours of granite‚ warm and friendly and appropriate to the location. It deserves to be extended alongside this most beautiful of rivers.


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