Chatham Place project


Jo Johnson Landscape Architects


AT Knott & Sons


Silver Grey Granite‚ Blue Grey Granite and Black Basalt Paving.


The developer approached CED for assistance after parting with the original landscape architect. The outline of the scheme was complete but needed to be adjusted to take account of the traffic volumes in an economic fashion‚ while retaining the essence of the original design. Firstly‚ however‚ a new landscape architect needed to be found and CED was able to recommend a selection‚ all very capable of undertaking the work. Jo Johnson was chosen by the developer and worked closely with CED to ensure the materials chosen and their format was the most cost-effective whilst keeping closely to the original design.

The black basalt and the blue grey granite from China are both very strong and durable materials and could be laid relatively thinly in the vehicular environment. However‚ to give some contrast‚ a particularly interesting Portuguese granite was added as a band along the buildings‚ a granite with large crystals‚ very different but complimentary to the other two stones.


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