Dover Priory Station project


Jackson Civil Engineering


Silver Grey Granite‚ Blue Grey Granite‚ Black Basalt and Green Granite


“Dover Priory Station first opened in 1861 and this recent revamp has been thoughtfully done‚ taking in to account the historic qualities of the surroundings.

The project included landscaping works outside the Stations main entrance. We supplied 1000 plus lineal metres of silver kerbs produced to various radius sizes and special shapes. The main feature of the design is the 1600m2 area of blue grey flamed paving flags. These have been supplied to various thickness’s to suit the different trafficking requirements. This ensured savings were made by the client where thinner stones were deemed to be adequate.

The scheme also has blue grey cladding and steps as well as silver grey dished channels and blister paving. As well as being very practical for heavily trafficked area there is a lively‚ fresh and vibrant feel when you emerge from the station‚ into the daylight‚ and cross the landscaped areas.”


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