Great Yarmouth project


Landscape Practice


May Gurney


Silver Grey Granite‚ Grey Pink Granite‚ Red/Orange Granite‚ Pink Granite‚ Blue Grey Granite‚ Porphyry‚and Alta Quartzite


The large Promenade area at Great Yarmouth has been magnificently transformed. For the pedestrian areas and pavements we supplied over 6000m² of light grey pink flamed granite paving units. Substantial sections of bandings and contrasting areas have been supplied in blue grey and orange red flamed granite.

The road crossings include 500m² of mixed colour natural split porphyry setts orange red flamed granite setts and natural riven Norweigan Alta Quartzite slabs. Special stones supplied include tactile and ribbed paving units.

The whole scheme has been sensationally rounded off with the supply of Polished pink granite benches. The benches have been produced to an incredibly complicated design in which CED had a significant and necessary involvement. The different bench sections are individually radiused to follow the curves required by the scheme and the margin for error in regard to tolerance is negligible. One of the benches is over 30 metres long and is a truly beautiful example of what can be achieved with the use of natural stone.


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