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Black Basalt Paving and Setts‚ Brown‚ Grey Pink‚ Silver Grey and Black & White Granite Paving‚ Blue Grey Granite Setts‚ Silver Grey Granite Kerb and Silver Grey and Blue Grey Granite Benches


The High Street Public Realm Project in Maidstone aimed to improve how the High Street looks‚ feels and works. High quality natural stone surfaces laid across the pavements’‚ the new public space and crossings were specified to attract shoppers and tourists alike‚ encouraging them to relax and spend time in the centre of Maidstone.

Our supply of the natural stone elements included a 4 colour sett mix sourced from both the North and South of China. Sawn sided‚ flame textured setts in red/brown‚ pink/grey‚ pink and silver grey in a mixed pattern with 3 different element sizes. There are over 3000m² of these setts - 75mm thick in the pedestrian and pavement areas and 180mm thick at the crossings. The kerbs are silver grey in both flame textured and “pineapple” finishes to give contrast. There are also black basalt bands laid as channels to provide borders and giving distinction between the different areas. The blister paving is a mid grey colour and elements have been produced in the size of setts 125mm wide x 195mm long. These are of course laid at the crossing points.

The main features are created by large multi-section benches in both mid grey and silver grey granite. The finish varies along the benches with polished and honed surfaces most prevalent. The benches vary in height along their length and have been laid in “L” shapes. They are proving very popular amongst the public and are already being put to regular use. There are also black basalt bollards positioned to control traffic flow.

The completed scheme sees less road space given over to vehicles. These changes have freed up large areas to create wider pavements and a new public square outside the Town Hall.

We will be supplying a further phase of this development over the summer of 2013.


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