Middle Temple project


Dennis Wilson Partnership


Meeres Civil Engineering


Silver Grey Granite‚ Dark Grey Granite‚ Pink Grey Granite‚ Grey Pink Granite‚ Yellow Granite‚ Red Porphyry and Black Basalt


CED Ltd was asked to match some old granite setts on a prestigious and historic London site but the matching required a multicolored sett of high quality and this proved to be very difficult.

The solution was to use the surface flatness achieved by using new setts with a sawn and textured surface and split sides which was then artificially aged to create the effect that would normally take 100+ years of wear by metal rimmed wheels horse shoes etc. The effect was quite stunning and the material well received by our client. The added benefit is that they are much easier to lay than reclaimed setts.

On completion CED decided to produce more and keep them in stock on a permanent basis. Known as Temple Setts, seven colours are available.


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