Roker Marine Walk project


Sunderland City Council


Black basalt and pink‚ silver grey and a mix of green granite colours.


Aside from sensible use of the granite steps reclaimed from London Broadgate (and also used far more extensively in Barnes Park‚ Sunderland)‚ granite setts and kerb‚ there is above the beach one very special and imaginative feature indeed.

Sunderland council had the idea of creating a paved area to represent the form of a large frond of seaweed that occurs here‚ an idea both educational and eye-catching. By following CED’s suggestion that a variety of green granites was used and by arranging for all to be cut irregularly‚ an even more natural and beautiful space was created.

Not that the suggestion was easy to fulfil‚ it was not. But CED knew it could be done and after a little persistence and persuasion‚ their suppliers in China used the whole internal courtyard in their factory to set out the complete design‚ piece by piece as it was made‚ every item then being numbered and described on the plan. Understandably‚ it was a great relief when all did fit together as it should.

A brilliant piece of design – education‚ fun‚ art and practicality combined – with the total cost less than many a standard pavement.


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