Broadley Street Gardens project


Blakedown Landscapes


Purbeck Walling‚ Purbeck Paving‚ Harlequin Quartzite Rockery and Mixed Glacial Boulders


On this occasion‚ the designer had specified Purbeck stone for the walls and paving‚ but this was no ordinary design. Approached by the contractor‚ CED worked closely with their long-standing Purbeck stone supplier to supply the materials in a format that would enable the walling specialist to achieve striking results.

It is always good to see a challenging design so well constructed. It is interesting here to see the use of Purbeck paving. Historically quite widely used in the South of England‚ it is remarkably durable and‚ especially compared to other limestones‚ wonderfully frost resistant if the appropriate beds are selected in the quarry. The integrity and knowledge of the quarryman is the key‚ of course. Many other limestones appear to pass the frost tests but fail in practice.


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