Grays Yard‚ Chelmsford


Porphyry Paving and Setts


Outer Space


Rochford Paving


Chelmsford is not a town with paving to be proud of‚ so it has been a pleasure to work on Grays Yard‚ a private development abutting one of the pedestrianised streets.

This has been a most sensitive conversion of disused warehouses‚ beautifully complimented with the porphyry paving which gives a lovely warm welcoming feel. As there is an outdoor eating space the material choice is particularly pertinent as it will not show the stains from wine‚ coffee and food stuffs as most materials do.

The layout of the paving is simple with no unnecessary frills and all the better for it. The ring of paving outside the setts was formed using pieces with straight sides but accurately tapered - a useful saving indeed on cutting curves and a matter which we often counsel clients. If only the recessed covers could have been parallel to the rows of paving! But‚ otherwise a delightful space in every respect.


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