Hereford Cathedral project


Robert Myers Associates


CJ Bayliss Ltd.


Porphyry Setts & Edging‚ CEDEC® Red and SuperCEDEC® Red


The open space around Hereford Cathedral is a beautiful place in which to relax or contemplate or just take in the sheer beauty and history of the cathedral itself. Much has recently been done to bring the external space up to the standard befitting such an elegant building.

Close to the structure‚ CEDEC Red® has been used as a porous gravel‚ acting functionally to drain away excess rainfall but also complimenting the colour of the cathedral and allowing better care and easier maintenance by keeping grass cutting away from the building fabric.

As the surfacing for two extensive tree pits with quite heavy usage by pedestrians‚ the significantly enhanced SuperCEDEC Red® has been used. It is that extra bit more stable than CEDEC® itself while neither losing the free-draining attributes nor changing the colour.

In the courtyard‚ cars are parked on Italian porphyry‚ an excellent choice not just for the colour which compliments the cathedral perfectly but also because it will show stains from oil drips a lot less than other materials through a combination of low water absorption and its naturally variable colours.


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