Newbury Market Place project


Roger Evans Associates


Hope and Clay Construction Ltd.


Porphyry paving and setts


After winning the design competition and having already selected Italian porphyry as their first choice material‚ Roger Evans Associates approached CED for its advice in getting best value for money out of this wonderful material because it is not a simple product.

Here‚ flags of the most economic widths‚ all with random lengths‚ have been sensibly selected for the pavements around the square with uniform use of 60/80mm cubes laid in arcs in both the market areas and the roadway.

It is not the first market place that has been adorned with this material. Quite simply‚ this Italian porphyry does not show dirt in the same way as a material of uniform colour and one has to recognise that market places are necessarily dirty‚ with vehicle oils‚ fast food grease and a whole range of vegetable and fruit staining being commonplace.

While the market area is in good condition‚ the roadway has continued to have bus traffic‚ unexpectedly and is now having minor repairs as the original mortar was not competent. However‚ the setts can be re-used. The lessons have been learned – see Newbury‚ The Broadway.


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