Seaburn Promenade


Sunderland City Council


Trevor Atkinson & Co.


Porphyry Paving and Setts with Pink Grey Granite


Safely out of reach of the North Sea storms‚ the promenade has long been liked as a place to meet and talk but its days of Victorian elegance had gone‚ like that of many other seaside towns. Recognising this‚ funding from national resources has been provided to enable the infrastructure of many seaside towns to be restored (also see Blackpool/Cleveley promenade and Southend (City Beach and Victoria Gateway).

Building on the strength of what was already there‚ granite edging at top and bottom of the grassy banks doubles up as seating and the new seating steps with their boulders interspersed bring fun and a little challenge to the younger ones. The stone colours look just right against the local stone and the buildings generally. It will soon look as though it has always been there, which is how it should be.


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