RHS Back To Nature Woodland Waterfall And Stream

Active play in the fresh air is proven to be beneficial for both physical and mental health and the garden was designed with that in mind. It was based in a woodland setting, a space for families and communities of all generations from all backgrounds to connect with nature and enjoy growing plants for their health and wellbeing – which is something core to the charitable work of the RHS.

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This news posted on 25th May 2019

Kazuyuki Ishihara Activates The ‘Green Switch’ At RHS Chelsea

Once again CED Stone Group are thrilled to be supporting RHS Chelsea regular, Kazuyuki Ishihara and his 2019 garden, ‘Green Switch’ sponsored by Cat’s Co. Ltd. This dynamic designer is renowned for his vibrant and thought-provoking artisan gardens and this year, his 14th at RHS Chelsea his garden is set to remind us to take time out, activate the ‘Green Switch’ and take in nature.

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This news posted on 10th May 2019

Finding Stone For The ‘Undiscovered Latin America’ Garden

Designer and landscaper Jonathon Snow returns to RHS Chelsea’s Main Avenue for a second year, working once again with sponsors Trailfinders - The largest independently owned travel company in the United Kingdom who specializes in tailormade travel worldwide.  This year his ‘Undiscovered Latin America’ garden is inspired by the temperate rainforests of South America. Jonathan travelled to Chile to research plants for the garden and his design takes inspiration from the landscapes… Continue reading ...

This news posted on 8th May 2019

Sourcing Flysch For The Facebook Garden At RHS Chelsea

Brighton designer Joe Perkins has worked on many RHS Chelsea gardens over the years. This year will be his 12th year at the show, but this year he is going solo with The Facebook Garden: Beyond The Screen, sponsored by social media giants Facebook. With his garden, Joe aims to add balance to all the negative press social media gets by celebrating the more than often overlooked positives of time spent on social media, and to start a conversation on how it can be used to make positive changes in… Continue reading ...

This news posted on 6th May 2019

CED Stone Group Supplies ‘Stone Monsters’ to Family Action’s RHS Chelsea Show Garden

CED Stone Group are proudly supporting the Family Monsters Garden that will be featured at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Sponsored by Family Action and Idverde, this garden features multiple CED products, all of which hold a significant meaning to the garden and the charity’s cause.

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This news posted on 3rd May 2019

Team CAMFED Bring A Little Bit Of Africa To RHS Chelsea

As part of their 25th-anniversary celebrations, CAMFED will be revealing their first ever RHS Chelsea show garden, The CAMFED Garden - ‘Giving Girls in Africa a Space to Grow’. With this garden, they hope to draw attention to the urgent need to empower and educate young women in some of the world’s impoverished communities, and their campaign to grow 1,000 women-led agricultural businesses across Africa. CED Stone Group are delighted to be supporting this fantastic garden.

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This news posted on 1st May 2019

Next Up For Perennial, It’s The Harrogate Flower Show

The Perennial Legacy Garden, being designed by David Wyndham Lewis, and built by David Massey, is the second in a series of show gardens presented to mark the charity Perennial’s 180th anniversary.

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This news posted on 14th Apr 2019

K9 Memorial is The First Of It’s Kind In The UK

Late last year CED Commercial Division won the order to supply a stone plinth for a memorial being erected by the charitable group, K9 Memorial UK.  The charity was set up by Paul Nicholls a former police dog handler who lost his canine partner Sabre to cancer in 2006. Paul was shocked to discover that the only memorial to commemorate the valuable role played by all the brave police dogs who had passed on, was a plaque at the Police Memorial Garden in Staffordshire.  And so Paul set… Continue reading ...

This news posted on 5th Apr 2019

Series Of Perennial 180th Anniversary Show Gardens Kick Off At RHS Cardiff

CED Stone group are proud to be supporting the Perennial Garden at this year’s RHS Cardiff Flower Show. Designed by Peter Donegan of Peter Donegan Landscaping and Garden Design, not only is this the first time Peter or any other Irish designer has designed a garden for RHS Cardiff, but it is also the first time Perennial have exhibited there.

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This news posted on 1st Apr 2019

Award Winning Show Garden Back In The Spotlight

With the first of this year’s big flower shows kicking off in less than four weeks with RHS Cardiff there is a buzz of excitement spreading and the show garden announcements are coming in thick and fast.  As many designers are busy planning and prepping for their upcoming show garden, one designer is completing the 2nd build of her show garden less than a year after it won gold at Harrogate Flower Show.

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This news posted on 22nd Mar 2019

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