Porcelain Paving

Emperor Porcelain Paving

Emperor porcelain paving is a unique range of high strength porcelain paving that has been specially designed to inspire and create beautiful spaces‚ both internally and externally. Manufactured in Italy‚ Emperor is produced to the highest standards‚ providing a surface that will require very little maintenance while enabling you to enjoy the beauty of natural stone and wood‚ but with all the benefits of porcelain. 

Our products are made from natural low lime clays‚ quartz and felspar‚ formed using intense heat and pressure‚ similar to the formation of natural layers of stone. Emperor floor panels have many benefits - they are extremely easy to look after and offer you plenty of ways to design your own living space. Just the way you like it.


Please see below our range of porcelain paving products

Emperor Classic Range

Joining our successful and established range in Emperor Classic are two new styles, Adria and Vistrum. Like the others in the Classic Range, these tiles measure 800x400mm and are ideally suited for both internal and external use.

With moderate patterning and neutral colours, they are complementary additions to the range and will provide a classic and timeless feel wherever used, perfect for creating both traditional or contemporary spaces.

Emperor Urban Range

Our Urban range is for the city dwellers and those just love a more contemporary feel. With their urban tones and squarer size of 800x800mm, these are ideal for a modern space.

This range is perfect for giving a smaller area the illusion of being bigger, which is particularly common in city houses and gardens. As Emperor is suitable for external and internal use, you really can create one big space.

Maharaja Porcelain Paving

New to our successful and established range of Porcelain paving, our Maharajah range is a collection of Indian Porcelains which have exceptional quality, style and performance. With moderate patterning and neutral colours our Maharajah range of porcelain tiles and paving slabs are perfect if you’re looking to create an elegant scheme with a high-quality, low maintenance and durable flooring.

Mijo Porcelain Paving

Porcelain is an ideal alternative to natural stone paving, both internally and externally.

As part of the beauty of natural stone, colour variation can be widely apparent, however, porcelain paving allows for more consistency.

Manufactured in Italy, our porcelain is produced from pure clays and minerals, which are shaped by dry pressing and then fired at very high temperatures. This results in a highly durable material with a low level of water absorption.

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