Show Gardens - RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Gosho No Niwa, No Wall No War project


Kazuyuki Ishihara


Kazuyuki Ishihara Design Laboratory


Weathered Limestone Rockery, Grey Paddlestones, Pearly Quartz & Scottish Beach Pebbles



Renowned garden designer Ishihara Kazuyuki returned for his 12th year with Gosho No Niwa, a spectacular Artisan water garden inspired by the Kyoto emperors of Japan. The cultural concept behind the garden was that such gardens would never be attacked, so they didn’t need walls or fortresses to protect them from attacks in war.

A spectacular cascading waterfall sits at the back of the garden, made up of mossy boulders piled up on top of each other and planted with

acers and bonsai conifers. An oxidised-green copper and glass cubic garden room floats above the pool of water and purple flowering miniature Irises help inject colour into the predominantly grey and green scheme. More rockery and pebbles sit submerged under the shallow pool at the front, building layers and textures underneith

the surprisingly still and clear water.


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