As the UK’s leading suppliers of natural stone we are committed to offering you the highest quality materials for resin bound installation. An unrivalled range of colours, sizes and shapes to suit all type of projects. The DALTEX UVR system is certified by the BBA and delivers beautiful consistent results time after time.

CED Stone Landscape stock Oakio Iniwood Decking an outstanding collection of quality composite wood made with a durable composite that stands up to extreme weather conditions and everyday use. It is manufactured from up to 95% recycled materials and is produced with 55% of Oakwood timber content. No need to be sealed, stained or painted Oakio Iniwood decking will resist fading usually caused by sunlight and air pollutants. It is easy to install with no need to maintain or replace, is CE and FSC certified and comes with a 15-year warranty.

Introducing CED's range of revolutionary bedding and jointing products for garden paving and driveways. Fast, easy-to-use, cost-effective and durable, StoneBed is ideal to use with natural stone materials and concrete alike, bringing your paving to a whole new level. With everything you need within one collection of specially developed products, CED's range will ensure that the finish and strength of your garden paving or driveways will last for years to come.

With a wide selection of products to help the installation and maintenance of natural stone, from plastic spaces and grout to cleaning products and de-icing salt, you're sure to find what you need here.

If you would like to discuss any of our products, please contact us.

Please browse our range of accessories to help when installing your natural stone.

The problem:

Staining from fast food, associated with oil and grease, is one of the most serious problems for public spaces. Oil and tyre marks from vehicular traffic are an associated problem and chewing gum is a perennial curse. Whilst none of these can be completely negated it is possible to provide an economical pavement protection and cleaning regime which can create a very noticeable and sustainable improvement.

One problem can be that sites are excessively cleaned during their service life and it is important that those charged with cleansing do not respond to a demand for spotlessness by increasing the severity and frequency of aggressive cleaning procedures; rendering the pavement super-vulnerable to fresh staining.

Learning from history:

Older existing pavements do not attract catastrophic staining, indeed one might consider that the surface of an older natural stone pavement has developed an attractive patina. The fact is that the pavement was vulnerable when it was first laid but was not subjected in its early life to the concentrated abuse a modern city centre pavement must now withstand. Pores in the pavement surface were filled over time with “good dirt”. Modern contaminants such as motor oil and fast food do penetrate deeply into a mature surface.


The application of water-based penetrating impregnator protects against staining from oil, grease and tyre marks by forming a transparent sub-surface barrier beneath the pavement surface. All types of natural stone and pre-cast concrete paving can be effectively protected using this discrete, environmentally friendly system. The leader in this field is WEISS StainProtect Profi - economical, easy to apply and effective.

Why use a water-based impregnator?

Water based systems remain highly oil repellant and do not have the disadvantage that “tacky” silicones and resin-based products have of attracting and binding to dirt, solvent based products combine with moisture during application, resulting in permanent patchy discoloration, destroying natural colours and patina. Natural stone and all modular paving retains its ability to breathe naturally, remaining water permeable whislt repelling contaminants such as oil, fat and the damaging hydrocarbon products of our modern age.

WEISS water-based impregnators do not adversely affect slip/skid values, proven in rigorous industry tests.


Aggressive cleansing damages the pavement and invites catastrophic staining, damaging the environment. An effective and sustainable cleansing regime requires only water together with a pH Neutral cleaning agent. Dirt and oils are taken into solution and suspension, lifting them from the surface as the water is removed. The use of a pH Neutral and biodegradable agent such as WEISS Grundreiniger, facilitates gentle but effective cleaning whilst protecting the environment, reducing costs and extending the life of the pavement.

Why use a pH Neutral cleansing agent?

Most commercial pavement cleaning chemicals are highly alkaline, this is damaging to both the pavement and to the environment.

Also, highly alkaline cleaners can damage and remove the impregnation itself. WEISS Grundreiniger works by releasing the hold which contaminants have with the pavement surface and binding them strongly to the water being used for cleaning. Oil, grime and dirt held by the cleaning water is unable to settle on the surface again. Grundreiniger simply removes dirt instead of spreading it around.

Create a dynamic and challenging play-scape with natural stone. Using natural stone for play will both inspire and encourage children to explore the adventurous and imaginative sides of their character. Natural stone is real and unadulterated and children have an affinity for it. Perhaps this is why it does not tend to be subject to vandalism. In any case it is tough and durable. Furthermore it is not difficult to select stone that will fit and complement any natural or urban surroundings.

When planning a playscape area and to view our products in play areas‚ we recommend you take guidance from "Design for Play: A guide to creating successful play spaces" as published by Play England and the DCSF. This publication is supported by Cabe‚ the National Lottery (the big lottery fund) and The National Children’s Bureau and endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive and The Royal Society for the the Prevention of Accidents.

Retain loose aggregate or paving materials in style with our selection of granite and basalt edging stones. Essential to prevent the escape of the laying course material from under paving, our edging stones help create a tidy finished look.

Our granite kerb comes in a variety of shapes including quadrant, radius and straight and play an important role in street-scapes and urban design.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for granite kerb, please contact us.

Road Kerbs serve a number of Purposes:
  • To retain the carriageway edge to prevent loss of the structural integrity.
  • To act as a barrier between road traffic‚ pedestrians or verges
  • To provide a physical ’check’ to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway
  • To form a channel which surface water can drain away.

Edging is essential to prevent the escape of the laying course material from under paving and helps to create a tidy finished look. It also helps to retain loose aggregates or paving materials and acts as a barrier to inhibit plant growth and mulch migration.

Use Natural Stone Walling in a garden to add character and distinction, whether it's to make retaining walls more attractive, split a steep garden into interesting individual levels, create a raised flowerbed or even to create unobtrusive seating which blends into the surrounding landscape.

With a choice of Quartz Paddlestone Walling (which can look equally traditional or contemporary), Cathedral Walling or Knapped Flint (which you can use to create an authentic looking wall, traditional to the South East of England), you are sure to find something to meet your budget and brief requirements.

Finish the look with one of our Natural Stone Copings, available in a range of Granites and Sandstone. Coping Stones provide a stylish solution to top a wall and perform a vital protective role in preventing rain from reaching cavity walls or penetrating solid walls.

For design inspiration, visit our Natural Stone Walling project page.

The results achievable with our feature stones really are limitless with an attractive selection of standing stones, boulders, rockery stones and palisades to choose from.

Whether you're looking to build a rockery or a water feature that needs to look like it's always been there, our rockery stones and boulders are the perfect choice and come in a variety of sizes to help produce a natural looking focal point.

Don't be fooled into thinking their uses stop there. A selection of our boulders are also suitable to use within natural play or as seating. They are also suitable to be bespokely cut into any shape imaginable and are also suitable for sandblasting.

If you're looking for something a little different, our Standing Stones are sure to suit. Ranging in size from 0.5m – 2m, you can feature one by itself or create something unique using a mixture of colours, sizes and materials.

For design inspiration, visit our Boulders and Rockery project page.

​Made from sandstone, our Palisades make an interesting feature stone for any landscaping project. Available in three sizes, they maintain a rectangular shape, creating uniformity and are well suited to modern contemporary designs.

Most Rockery stones can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes‚ ranging from small pieces‚ through 1 or 2 man-handleable blocks to large pieces weighing several tonnes. It may be supplied loose or in wire cages.

Our natural boulders are principally Scottish but are sourced from all over the UK and Europe. With sizes ranging from a few kilos up to several tonnes‚ natural boulders make such a difference to beach‚ stream‚ lake and pool schemes.

It is worth remembering that a few larger boulders may have a larger effect than many smaller ones. Boulders may be used as signs with judicious selection and lettering - sometimes on a specially sawn face.

Standing stones have been an integral part of the human subconscious since man first started to worship the gods. They have been used in just about every religion‚ all across the world. As well as bringing a sense of mystery to your garden or landscape‚ they are ideal to focus attention on their part of the garden.

Perfect for areas with high impact and high pedestrian traffic, we have a selection of footpath gravels which are sure to suit any requirement whilst still providing a natural appearance.

Our CEDEC footpath gravels are suitable to lay in areas with a pre-existing ecosystem as they will not affect the pH value of the surrounding soil. Our SuperCEDEC, however, is best suited for use as a tree-pit gravel, although can still be used on footpaths.

Our Golden Amber Footpath Gravel, whilst self-binding, is Limestone based and, therefore, is not an inert product and can affect the pH levels in the soil.

Please contact us before choosing a product so we can ensure that the chosen footpath gravel is suitable for the intended application.

The principle of CEDEC® footpath gravels is to form a firm but porous structure that retains moisture yet allows any excess to flow through. The materials used are specially graded decorative aggregates ideal for areas where the traffic is too heavy for grass but where a natural appearance is desired.

CEDEC® footpath gravels comprise granite and quartzite‚ which are chemically inert and durable and will not affect the pH value of the surrounding soil. This is important where newly planted trees or pH-sensitive plants are sited and it's porous nature is good for trees generally. In order to function effectively‚ CEDEC® needs to be rained upon and walked upon; it will not be effective indoors or under permanent shelter.

After compaction‚ coverage of CEDEC® footpath gravel‚ is approximately 10m2 per tonne @ 50mm thick‚ compaction being about 25%. So‚ to compact to 50mm‚ an initial non-compacted layer of 65mm is required.

Please see our CEDEC Laying Guide for detailed information.

CEDEC Footpath Gravel Information
CEDEC Footpath Gravel Information

Choose from our wide range of natural stone aggregates and gravels to transform a driveway in conjunction with our gravel stabilisation systems, CEDAdrive and CEDApath. With suitable options containing an attractive selection of colours, there is something for everyone and something sure to complement just about any design.

If you're looking to add interest to a garden, choose one of our aggregates or gravels to mulch borders, providing both a practical and visual solution. Alternatively, use a complementary or contrasting gravel to break up an area of paving, as seen in this project.

The aggregates and their sizes shown here are those most commonly stocked at our depots. Many more sizes are available as are other materials. We deliver both from our depots and directly from the quarry/source of production (whichever route is most efficient) in bulk tipping loads‚ bulk bags or poly bags‚ all in any quantity as needed.

In our sample library‚ there are hundreds of other possibilities. We can match most materials‚ new or old‚ just send us a sample.

Our natural stone setts come in a selection of complementary colours and a variety of sizes and materials, including Sandstone, Porphyry, Limestone, Granite and Basalt.

Suitable for a variety of uses including driveways, paving and paths in both public spaces and private gardens, use our natural stone setts to provide a traditional or contemporary feel.

Setts are often associated with more historic places, proving that natural stone really will last the test of time. Also often associated with patterns, including circular and arching, natural stone setts will definitely add visual impact wherever used.

Browse our Technical Information pages for more information on setts or visit our Driveway project page for inspiration.

To complement our Sawn and Textured paving, we have introduced matching Sandstone setts. Sawn on all sides with a sandblasted surface, the setts provide a good slip resistance and make a great alternative to traditional paving or can be used alongside our stocked flags.

Available in two different sizes, our Sawn and Textured Sandstone Setts are sure to create a modern contemporary atmosphere due to their sleek and stylish aesthetic, coupled with their soft and neutral tones.

These attractive setts are cut from hard-wearing, ethically sourced quartzitic sandstone and are more crystalline in nature than Yorkstone, making them less absorbent.

Porphyry is exceptional. With excellent flexural and compressive strength and a low water absorption‚ porphyry is technically very competent.

Temple setts are produced from Granite‚ Porphyry and Basalt.

Starting with cropped sides‚ sawn bottom and a sawn and textured top‚ they are then tumbled to soften all the edges. The general appearance is remarkably similar to that of old granite setts. Compared with reclaimed material‚ the beauty of Temple Setts is that the top surface is flat and suitable for disabled access whilst their standard dimensions make laying far easier.

Temple Setts can be supplied in whatever ratio of colours is required‚ or in just one colour alone.

Stocked sizes are as follows: 100mm3 - coverage: 4.5m2 / tonne
100 x 100mm x random lengths - coverage: 4.3m2 / tonne
100 x 50 x random lengths - coverage: 8.6m2 / tonne
Please note that random lengths are an equal mix of 125‚ 150‚ 175‚ 200‚ 225 and 250mm.

Additional sizes are available to order.

Granite setts or ’cobbles’ as they are sometimes referred to‚ have been around since Roman times. Almost indestructible‚ setts can be purely functional as a hard wearing-course for roads and pathways but‚ by utilising the range of colours and sizes now available to a designer‚ they can be used for aesthetic reasons as well‚ providing lovely and varied textures. Most standard sett dimensions are available from stock. Any other requirements can be supplied to any specification within 8-10 weeks and often less.

Imperial setts have a sawn and textured top surface with split or sawn sides. They are held in stock in two different sizes‚ however they can also be produced to order in any size required.

Sawn sided 100x200x50mm Imperial Setts are produced with sawn sides which give these setts a sleek and modern feel. Also now available in 100x100x50mm!

Split sided 92x92x60mm Imperial Setts are a modern interpretation of the cropped sett. Their split sides will provide a cobbled effect with a sawn and textured top‚ making them easy to walk on and wheelchair friendly. Designed to provide a neat solution when used with paving: by taking the 92mm dimension and working with a 8mm joint gives a 100mm module which can be fitted into paving elements of 300‚ 400‚ 500‚ 600mm dimensions without having to make any cuts. The other benefit of the 92x92mm dimension is that it can be laid into tight grid patterns‚ with a 8mm joint‚ this gives 100 number setts to the m2.

Riven setts are available in Sandstone and Limestone. Being lightly riven in appearance and with a natural variation in colour these setts provide a homely and authentic feel to any garden or landscape scheme.

Clay paviors can be used for both large and small paving areas and are perfect for completing full pathways or for simple edging detail. Colours can be mixed to form more intricate designs and patterns.

With different tones of red, brown and purple, they are perfect for those who like more classic styles, where the black paviors will bring a contemporary style to any environment.

Suppliers of natural stone paving for over 40 years

Our paving is available in a selection of finishes and textures that will create a truly beautiful outdoor space.

We stock a wide choice of colours, materials and sizes, including our slimline Plank Paving. There is something to suit every budget and project.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or the suitability of particular materials for certain uses, then please do contact us

For design inspiration, visit our Patios and Paving projects page


Please see below our paving categories

British stone paving products

Emperor Porcelain Paving

Emperor porcelain paving is a unique range of high strength porcelain paving that has been specially designed to inspire and create beautiful spaces‚ both internally and externally. Manufactured in Italy‚ Emperor is produced to the highest standards‚ providing a surface that will require very little maintenance while enabling you to enjoy the beauty of natural stone and wood‚ but with all the benefits of porcelain. 

Our products are made from natural low lime clays‚ quartz and felspar‚ formed using intense heat and pressure‚ similar to the formation of natural layers of stone. Emperor floor panels have many benefits - they are extremely easy to look after and offer you plenty of ways to design your own living space. Just the way you like it.


Please see below our range of porcelain paving products

Our Urban range is for the city dwellers and those just love a more contemporary feel. With their urban tones and squarer size of 800x800mm, these are ideal for a modern space.

This range is perfect for giving a smaller area the illusion of being bigger, which is particularly common in city houses and gardens. As Emperor is suitable for external and internal use, you really can create one big space.

Inspired by the natural patterning of wood, the four new additions to the Emperor Country range are ideal for those wanting the look of wood but with the benefits and low maintenance of porcelain. Ideal to give your home and garden that country and traditional feel, our Country range consists of subtle patterns and neutral colouring, sure to complement any colour scheme.

Suitable for both internal and external use, the tiles measure 1200x400mm, making them the longest porcelain tile available.

Joining our successful and established range in Emperor Classic are two new styles, Adria and Vistrum. Like the others in the Classic Range, these tiles measure 800x400mm and are ideally suited for both internal and external use.

With moderate patterning and neutral colours, they are complementary additions to the range and will provide a classic and timeless feel wherever used, perfect for creating both traditional or contemporary spaces.

Porcelain is an ideal alternative to natural stone paving, both internally and externally.

As part of the beauty of natural stone, colour variation can be widely apparent, however, porcelain paving allows for more consistency.

Manufactured in Italy, our porcelain is produced from pure clays and minerals, which are shaped by dry pressing and then fired at very high temperatures. This results in a highly durable material with a low level of water absorption.

Our British Yorkstone paving is only sourced from UK quarries. Diamond sawn on all six sides‚ its clean lines‚ crisp surface and technical attributes makes Sawn Yorkstone ideal paving for both modern contemporary private gardens and public spaces with heavy pedestrian traffic. We generally keep the following Sawn Yorkstones in stock:


Please see below our range of natural yorkstone paving products

Riven stone paving flags are available in a wide variety of materials‚ each of which has its own unique colour and texture and some very special technical qualities.

All the quartzites and porphyry are exceptionally non-slip for use around swimming pools whilst being kind to the feet and having low water absorption. Alta quartzite is far stronger than granite and can take a useful degree of vehicular traffic when laid very thin (20-30mm) if properly bedded. It has a very low water absorbency‚ less even than granite and is thus very stain-resistant. The Italian porphyry’s varied colours and low absorbency make it also highly resistant to stains and both it and Otta phyllite are also very strong.

Natural surfaced (riven) paving materials‚ in particular‚ are usually best supplied as gauged widths x random lengths. This makes the fullest and most economic use of the raw material. These stones are often the answer to the most challenging requirements technically but are also truly beautiful. Many are European and can be supplied to specific non-stock sizes relatively quickly. Careful consideration of the type of stone used will make sure that‚ once laid‚ the paving will last and look good for many years.


Please see below our range of riven paving products

To create paving from materials which cannot be naturally riven it is necessary to saw them. For many materials it is then normal to texture the surface by either flame texturing or bush hammering to improve the appearance of the product and to make it less slippery.

All Granite paving can be produced in virtually any size to order.


Please see below our range of sawn and textured paving products

Plank paving has been produced in a variety of materials, colours and textures to provide a sleek and sophisticated paving range.

With a set width of 200mm, there is a choice in length of either 600mm or 800mm. The long slender lines of Plank Paving will create a lengthening or widening effect to the area of use. This attractive style can be used both internally and externally.

Use Plank paving on it’s own, or complement it with four other stocked sizes; 400x400mm‚ 400x600mm‚ 600x600mm and 600x800mm.

Other related products include setts‚ circles and steps.


Please see below our range of plank paving products

Our natural stone paving steps provide the perfect finishing touch to any garden or landscape area. Meticulously cut from durable granite‚ basalt‚ sandstone and limestone these accessories are suitable for use wherever there is a change of level.

Held in stock in a variety of colours and finishes‚ all of our steps are slip resistant and allow for quick and easy installation.


Please see below our range of paving step products

Available in basalt‚ granite and sandstone these steps have a sawn and textured top surface‚ with a full textured bull nose to the leading edge. The sandstone steps have been sandblasted‚ the basalt steps have been flame textured along with all of the granites except yellow‚ which has been bush hammered. All textures will look attractive on the surface yet more importantly they will provide the slip resistance needed underfoot.

Also available are matching end pieces to provide a neat finish on corners and end situations.

Cobbles and pebbles can serve a multitude of uses within your garden or open space, including both decorative and functional uses.

With a striking range of colours and patterns available in a variety of different sizes, you are sure to find something to match your budget and project requirements.

Use cobbles and pebbles decoratively within a plant pot or take advantage of their exaggerated colours when wet by placing them strategically within a water feature.

Alternatively, use our natural stone cobbles and pebbles to mulch the soil around your plants to provide a neat and tidy appearance. Choose a colour to create a vivid contrast or choose a more subtle, earthy tone – the options are endless.

For design inspiration, visit our Cobbles and Pebbles project page.

Pebbles suitable for use with our gravel stabilisation systems, CEDAdrive and CEDApath have been marked accordingly.

Welcome to our Special Offers page.

All items are listed with full details ie. size‚ price‚ quantity and which depot it is located at. If you are interested in a particular product please contact the holding depot directly. Please note that the below prices are based on collection from the holding depot and are +vat

Our special offer products can range from paving and walling to benches and feature stones‚ but hurry....once its gone‚ its gone.

Welcome to our Show Garden gallery

CED have been involved with many show gardens over the years and here you will find a selection of galleries showcasing those we have been involved with.

Balmoral Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower Show

Harrogate Flower Show

Malvern Spring Show

RHS Cardiff

Tatton Park Flower Show


Welcome to our Private Gardens Gallery

Across these tabs you will find various gardens where we have supplied our products, from driveways and patios to show gardens we hope you find inspiration in design and product use.

CED are very often involved at design stage working closely with designers and contractors, and would like to say a huge thank you to those who have shared their work and photos for this area of inspiration.

Throughout our five nationwide depots we offer an extensive product range coupled with professional and experienced staff who can advise you along the way.

Samples are readily available to be sent, to provide you with an idea of colour and texture.

Welcome to our Commercial Projects gallery

At CED the Commercial Department specialises in the supply of natural stone to hard landscaping projects and Town Centre developments across the UK. Our existing portfolio ranges from bespoke water features and innovative bench designs to large areas of paving and setts. Often involved at design stage we offer good sound practical advice, marrying together creative designs and specialist materials.

We offer an extensive product range coupled with an efficient and experienced team of estimators. Samples are readily available and we can provide a CAD drawing service.

We will always endeavour to make your dreams come true, our aim is to ensure that your project however large or small will not fail and will stand the test of time.

The pictures shown are just some of the prestigious projects that we have successfully supplied.

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