Show Gardens - RHS Hampton Court Show

RHS Evolve: Through The Roots of Time project

Housed inside a dome structure and spilling out into the show-ground, this theatrical and educational feature allows visitors to learn what the landscape and general environment might have been like at various points in the earth’s history. Designed by Dave Green, (the man behind the RHS Butterfly Dome) the design features different time periods, including the Pre-Cambrian, Devonian and Jurassic. The walk finishes in the present day with a meadow of flowering plants. The team have created a number of different paved areas, with different styled paths matching the feel of each era.

Giles Heap, CED Stone Group’s Managing Director, met with Dave and the RHS Show Managers in order to discuss the design, assess quantities and look over different material samples. ‘We worked closely with the team to make sure that the right materials would be used in the right way, in the right parts of the garden.’ said Giles. ‘This was particularly important for this project, as we had to be accurate with the different geological time periods.’

The garden also uses our CEDApath Gravel Stabilisation System. Specially designed by CED, our systems are ideal for keeping outdoor paths and driveways looking smart and neat.


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