Show Gardens - RHS Hampton Court Show

The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel project

This year, designer Sadie May Stowell took on three ‘Great Gardens Of The USA’ gardens for RHS Hampton Court, each with a completely different style and design.

This garden aims to capture the beauty and character of the Edison Winter Estates, in particular Ellen Biddle Shipman’s Moonlight Garden.

Materials such as reclaimed stone, water, wooden trellises and lighting are incorporated into the design to give it authenticity. The main focal point is a front elevation of the office which Thomas Edison used on a daily basis, clad in a bespoke natural stone wall cladding supplied by CED.

The central feature of the garden is a rectangular pool of aqua-still water. This pool contains water lily plants and is lined with reclaimed Yorkstone Flags, spaced evenly to allow an ‘overgrown’ grass effect.


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