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Eutierria project


Neil Sutcliffe


Creative Roots


Miles Nurseries, CED Stone Landscape


Sovereign Ebony Cloud Paving,Slatewood,Aegean Blue Cobbles,Boulders


Gold Award

Eutierria, sponsored by Miles Nurseries and CED Stone Group, is all about reconnecting with nature and is designed as a space in which one can relax and be at one with nature. Neil states, ‘It is really important that we are able to connect with nature. It is most beneficial for our mental health and well being. Even in the heart of the city, with a little bit of thought and care a garden space can be created where we one can reconnect with nature and experience Eutierria.’

Coined by Glen Albrecht, now retired Professor of Sustainability at Murdoch University in Western Australia, the word Eutierria is derived from the Greek, eu - good, tierra - earth, and ia - belonging to. In Albrecht’s words, it means, ‘A positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces where the boundaries between self and the rest of nature are obliterated and a deep sense of peace and connectedness pervades consciousness.’

Neil’s design is inspired by the cliffs along the river Trent and incorporates a rammed earth wall, with large rocks and boulders protruding from woodland edge-style planting. He told us, ‘The design incorporates all four elements of nature; Earth is the soil and boulders. Air will be represented through the movement of the trees and foliage. A fire pit was included not only to represent Fire but also to show that the garden is functional. The element Water is represented by the water wall.

Read more about this show garden here.

*Photographs supplied by Neil


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