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The Sunset Garden project


Tamara Bridge


Foxcroft Landscapes


Golden Amber Footpath Gravel


Gold Medal Winner and Winner of the RHS Young Designer of the Year

When designing The Sunset Garden, Tamara Bridge was inspired by the gardens of north Norfolk, where the last low level light is received, furnishing the garden with a warm glow.

Built by Foxcroft Landscapes, the garden truly reflects the beauty of the glorious summer evenings in classical, rural English country houses. With CED’s Golden Amber Footpath Gravel spread across the centre, the garden carries a sense of warmth and golden glow throughout.

Pots and arches form an enclosure around the garden, adding formality, but do so in a delicate manner, so as not to dominate the garden. The garden received a Gold award with Tamara receiving the 2015 Young Designer of the Year Award.

Tamara said: “I would like to place my thanks to the staff at CED in writing, for their help and efficiency in dealing with my order for RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. I had samples sent promptly, arriving the next day which was crucial in meeting my deadlines and once the order had been placed, the delivery of my order to site was seamless. By far the easiest to keep track of and arriving on time. I also required an addition to my order which was delivered in time, despite the short notice. Quality products and quality customer service! Thank you very much.”


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