Temple Setts

Temple setts are produced from Granite‚ Porphyry and Basalt.

Starting with cropped sides‚ sawn bottom and a sawn and textured top‚ they are then tumbled to soften all the edges. The general appearance is remarkably similar to that of old granite setts. Compared with reclaimed material‚ the beauty of Temple Setts is that the top surface is flat and suitable for disabled access whilst their standard dimensions make laying far easier.

Temple Setts can be supplied in whatever ratio of colours is required‚ or in just one colour alone.

Stocked sizes are as follows: 100mm3 - coverage: 4.5m2 / tonne
100 x 100mm x random lengths - coverage: 4.3m2 / tonne
100 x 50 x random lengths - coverage: 8.6m2 / tonne
Please note that random lengths are an equal mix of 125‚ 150‚ 175‚ 200‚ 225 and 250mm.

Additional sizes are available to order.

100 x 100 x Random Lengths (mm)

100 x 100 x 100 mm

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