Cleaning and Protection

The problem:

Staining from fast food, associated with oil and grease, is one of the most serious problems for public spaces. Oil and tyre marks from vehicular traffic are an associated problem and chewing gum is a perennial curse. Whilst none of these can be completely negated it is possible to provide an economical pavement protection and cleaning regime which can create a very noticeable and sustainable improvement.

One problem can be that sites are excessively cleaned during their service life and it is important that those charged with cleansing do not respond to a demand for spotlessness by increasing the severity and frequency of aggressive cleaning procedures; rendering the pavement super-vulnerable to fresh staining.

Learning from history:

Older existing pavements do not attract catastrophic staining, indeed one might consider that the surface of an older natural stone pavement has developed an attractive patina. The fact is that the pavement was vulnerable when it was first laid but was not subjected in its early life to the concentrated abuse a modern city centre pavement must now withstand. Pores in the pavement surface were filled over time with “good dirt”. Modern contaminants such as motor oil and fast food do penetrate deeply into a mature surface.


The application of water-based penetrating impregnator protects against staining from oil, grease and tyre marks by forming a transparent sub-surface barrier beneath the pavement surface. All types of natural stone and pre-cast concrete paving can be effectively protected using this discrete, environmentally friendly system. The leader in this field is WEISS StainProtect Profi - economical, easy to apply and effective.

Why use a water-based impregnator?

Water based systems remain highly oil repellant and do not have the disadvantage that “tacky” silicones and resin-based products have of attracting and binding to dirt, solvent based products combine with moisture during application, resulting in permanent patchy discoloration, destroying natural colours and patina. Natural stone and all modular paving retains its ability to breathe naturally, remaining water permeable whislt repelling contaminants such as oil, fat and the damaging hydrocarbon products of our modern age.

WEISS water-based impregnators do not adversely affect slip/skid values, proven in rigorous industry tests.


Aggressive cleansing damages the pavement and invites catastrophic staining, damaging the environment. An effective and sustainable cleansing regime requires only water together with a pH Neutral cleaning agent. Dirt and oils are taken into solution and suspension, lifting them from the surface as the water is removed. The use of a pH Neutral and biodegradable agent such as WEISS Grundreiniger, facilitates gentle but effective cleaning whilst protecting the environment, reducing costs and extending the life of the pavement.

Why use a pH Neutral cleansing agent?

Most commercial pavement cleaning chemicals are highly alkaline, this is damaging to both the pavement and to the environment.

Also, highly alkaline cleaners can damage and remove the impregnation itself. WEISS Grundreiniger works by releasing the hold which contaminants have with the pavement surface and binding them strongly to the water being used for cleaning. Oil, grime and dirt held by the cleaning water is unable to settle on the surface again. Grundreiniger simply removes dirt instead of spreading it around.

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