CEDAdrive Installation


As with all other types of paving start with a good foundation. The edge of the honeycomb area needs to be retained. This can be done using existing walls and buildings, stone setts, kerbs, timber, metal edging systems etc. The edging needs to be laid so that it is proud of the finished gravel level by at least 20mm. Lay a sub-base of MOT Type 1 to 100-150mm in depth dependent on the intended use of the area. Then cover with a layer of sharp sand to a minimum depth of 20mm. This must be compacted and flat before the sheets are laid.


Place CEDAdrive® sheets over the prepared ground. The geotextile underside helps inhibit weed growth, and should be over-lapped at sheet joints. When two sheets meet up tuck one of the flaps under the sheet and place the sheets close together over the whole area. The honeycomb can be easily cut with a power or hand saw to meet the outer shape required. A larger number of sheets can be laid in minutes due to them being light and easy to handle. The sheets do not require clipping together or fixing down. Lastly, the CEDAdrive® sheets are then filled with gravel to the top with a further 10-20mm to conceal it. No rolling is required.

1. Prepare sub-grade

2. Lay MOT Type 1

3. Cover with a layer of Sharp Sand

4. Place the sheets

5. Fill the sheets with gravel

6. Finished result

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