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Why use a gravel stabilisation system?

Gravel surfaces are very popular, but they have one major drawback. Gravel moves. It is affected by all traffic be it cars, bikes or pedestrians. Gravel can be displaced and ends up where it is not wanted - your lawn, patio, or the pavement outside your home. ECCOgravel stabilisation systems provide a solution to this.

Which system should i buy?

Both systems have a very high compressive strength. ECCOgravel40 has a height of 40mm and can easily handle light traffic and occasional heavy traffic, however, tight u-turns by trailers or similar vehicles should be avoided if possible.

Both ECCOgravel40 and the 30mm deep ECCOgravel30 systems are suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs, bicycles and pedestrians.

Will weeds grow through the sheets?

The geotextile attached to the underside of the sheets inhabits weed growth giving you one less thing to worry about.

Not more plastic, this cant be environmentally friendly?

The polyethylene sheets are 100% recyclable and have a low energy consumption during production.

How is it sold?

ECCOgravel is sold in sheets. Each sheet is extremely lightweight so no special lifting equipment is required and the sheets can be easily cut into shape with a hand or power saw. Sheet sizes for both ECCOgravel stabilisation systems are 1.6m x 1.2m, sheets can be folded in half for easy transportation.

What about drainage?

ECCOgravel stabilisation systems are SUDS compliant, with a 100% water-permeable surface when filled meaning no puddling, reduced flooding, and ground water is replenished.

Is it easy to lay and do i need to fasten the sheets?

Installation is fast and simple, a large number of sheets can be laid in minutes due to them being light and easy to handle. The sheets do not require clipping together or fixing down, the weight of the gravel will hold them in place. No rolling is required. Watch our ECCOgravel installation video here.

What gravel should i use in this product?

Pebbles or rounded materials can be used in the sheets but are more suited to footpath applications. Crushed or angular stones are better suited when minimal migration of the surface layer is required, particularly when driven over. We recommend not to use gravel types with a size of less than 4mm; finer gravels could stick to people's shoes or get between the profiles on the tyres of a car. For an optimum compaction in the honeycomb, we recommend limiting the maximum diameter of the gravel to 16mm.

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