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Bespoke Masonry

Stone is a wonderfully diverse material to work with, and at CED Stone Group we are well equipped to craft anything from stone with our bespoke masonry services, tailor-made to your requirements!

We know that your imagination has no limits, so there shouldn't be a limit on what you can achieve with natural stone either. Our expert team can turn your unique hard landscaping concepts into a reality; from curved granite benches and hexagon paving tiles to custom water features and planters. Provide us with an idea, a simple sketch or a finished technical drawing and we'll take care of everything else.


Looking for a specific size? We can take your bespoke measurements and cut your chosen material into the perfect length or shape. Using our specialist tools and techniques, we can cut paving slabs, radius kerbs, edging and even rocks or boulders to make them just the right size for your unique project.

We're also able to cut any of our natural stone or porcelain paving materials into specific shapes, using advanced water jet cutters.

Ideal for creating paving circles, commemorative headstones, curved step treads, artistic wall panelling, water features, shaped stepping stones and geometric paving slabs, your made-to-order design will be cut with perfect precision and care.

Flame Texturing

Resulting in a premium look, flaming is a more suitable technique to use for giving texture to igneous materials like granites (excluding Yellow Granite) and basalts.

Applying a high temperature flame 'scorches' and fractures the crystals on the surface of the stone, creating a course, slip resistant texture.

Flaming the surface while still show the true colours of the natural stone, making it an ideal technique for creating beautiful non-slip paving, bull-nose steps, coping stones and pool surrounds.


Sandblasting erodes the surface of the stone to leave a grained texture by using high-pressured jets and abrasive-laden water.

Although all of our paving has a safe slip resistance rating, sandblasting can be an effective technique to use on sedimentary materials such as sandstone and limestone paving intended for particularly high slip risk areas, such as pool surrounds or spas.

Sandblasting is also used to add a roughened texture to the edge of steps or coping stones, or used to create a worn look, like these bespoke benches.


We can drill holes into any type of natural stone product, no matter the size or thickness. This simple technique allows for a range of bespoke stone creations.

Create a patio perfect for evening entertaining, with outdoor lighting set into carefully drilled holes in paving slabs.

Cobbles and boulders can be cored and fed through a steel support pole to create a stacked ‘stone balancing’ sculpture.

Peep holes can be drilled into the sides of a feature stone for a modern contemporary art installation. The possibilities are endless!


Cropping is a splitting technique which is used to break down larger natural stone products into smaller ones, for example when cropping larger rectangular paving setts into cubes.

Using a specialist cropping machine, the technique naturally cracks the stone, creating a rough, rustic side or surface.

Cropping is a great technique to use when re-sizing reclaimed setts which need to retain their weathered appearance, and a neatly sawn edge might spoil the rustic, aged aesthetic.


A stone with a rounded, curved edge that’s ideal for stone and porcelain steps, benches, wall copings, pool surrounds, planter tops, pier caps and other ledges. Bull-nosing reduces the risk of chips and creates an attractive, contemporary and serviceable style.

For bull-nose pier caps and wall copings in particular, our masonry teams will include drip grooves which will catch moisture and rain droplets. This will help to avoid water damage, wall staining and frost-heave on the coping stones. We can also produce stones with a half bull-nose, regency, cove or chamfer edge, depending on your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. You imagine it, we create it!

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