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Variations In Natural Stone

Stone cannot be made - it exists. It is a natural product determined by millennia of geological processes and as such it can be subject to natural variations. No two pieces are identical, offering a truly unique paving option.

These natural variations will not affect the performance of the paving.


Colour variations are evident across all natural stone products and individual flags of the same product may differ in shade and tone. Sandstone paving is known for having a high degree of colour variation, this will appear to reduce due to natural weathering.


Veining is a natural occurrence and can range from subtle to dramatic. These meandering lines of colour can vary in size and can have numerous branches. They can appear across a batch of flags, on individual flags, or you may get flags without any veining at all.


You may be lucky enough to find random fossil markings on your paving flags. If you do please let us know!


Some types of natural stone paving contain small amounts of iron. When subjected to moisture this can be drawn to the surface and can cause the flag to change colour in areas, or small orange/brown marks may appear. Oxidation in any natural stone is completely normal, specific cleaning products may help make any marks less noticeable.


All natural stone will suffer weathering from continual exposure to the elements. Over time your natural stone paving can become duller, pick up stains and discolour from general use. General cleaning and sealing your paving can help prevent this.


Indian Black Limestone is UV sensitive and will fade to grey over time. This can be treated with a sealer to ensure the colour stays dark, or it can be treated with a colour intensifier to revive the colour once faded.


General imperfections resulting from the manufacturing process or from part of the stone's makeup can also be present, such as cracks, chips, scratches and pitting. All of these are normal and should be accepted as such unless the structural integrity of the stone is compromised.

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