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CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Red

The first of our CEDEC footpath gravels to be developed for Canary Wharf in 1990, this is an attractive mixture of grey and pink granites.

Product Information

Specially developed by CED to use on footpaths where a natural appearance is desired, but expected pedestrian footfall or traffic will be too heavy for grass. CEDEC® Footpath Gravels form a firm but porous structure that retains moisture while allowing any excess to flow through.

CEDEC®'s combination of different graded aggregates create a firm, packed surface with approx. 25% compaction, which is still porous and retains moisture due to its reduced clay content. Made from granite or quartzite, CEDEC® is tree-friendly and does not affect the soil's pH balance.

After compaction‚ coverage of CEDEC® footpath gravel‚ is approximately 10m² per tonne at 50mm thick‚ compaction being about 25%. So to compact to 50mm an initial non-compacted layer of 65mm is required.

Technical Information


  • CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Red
  • CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Red, Gardening Scotland 2019 - New Beginnings, SRUC Oatridge College Campus
  • CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Red