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Weiss Professional Paving Cleaner

Gentle and environmentally friendly! Using harsh alkaline cleaning products can damage your pavement’s surface, making it more susceptible to severe staining whilst causing harm to the surrounding environment. WEISS Professional Paving Cleaner is a ph neutral, solvent free, biologically safe product for routine cleaning of all types of natural stone and concrete pavements and floors. It removes dirt, instead of spreading it around. Simply mix with water and scrub into surface. Oil, grease stains, traffic marks and general pavement grime are gently lifted from the stone’s surface. WEISS Professional Paving Cleaner does not harm stone’s natural defences and can be used for intensive ‘spot’ cleaning of stubborn stains.

✔ Routine cleaning of all types of natural stone and concrete pavements and floors
✔ Removes oils, fats, fast food, tyre rubber marks, footwear marks and normal grime.
✔ pH neutral, solvent free, biologically safe
✔ Removal of grime including typical fast food stains
✔ Intensive “spot” cleaning of stubborn areas
✔ Will not affect the protection given by chemical impregnation

Product Information

Available sizes:

  • 1-litre plastic bottles
  • 5-litre plastic bottles