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Scottish Beach Cobbles

Responsibly sourced from prehistoric beaches now miles away from the actual sea along the very northern coasts of Scotland, our Scottish Beach cobbles and pebbles can be used for a variety of different decorative applications.

Offering a very classic beach pebble palette, these are made up of a mix of quartzites‚ granites and gneisses. When dry the stones are predominantly light grey with hints of pinks and grey-blues, in addition to other neutral hues. But when wet, these multi-grey shades become accentuated, with a mix of colours ranging from whites, greys, browns, speckled greens and sandy beige.

Product Information

Standard stock sizes:

200-100mm, 100-75mm, 75-50mm

  • Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles, AJR Greenspace
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles, Kazuyuki Ishihara
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles, Spring Landscapes
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles, Matt Nichol
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles, Scenery Garden Design
  • Scottish Beach Cobbles, Designer: Bel Grierson, Landscaper: Hortus Landscape Design & Construction