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SuperCEDEC Treepit Gravel - Silver

A silvery-grey granite with a fantastic neutral shade, CEDEC Silver allows for a more contemporary aesthetic, and is often a popular choice for city and urban paths.

Product Information

While our CEDEC® range has been a popular product since the 1990's, we found that there were some situations in areas of particularly high usage when it was not an ideal product to use. As a result, we developed SuperCEDEC®. This product has the same natural appearance and permeability as CEDEC®, but has a firmer compaction and slightly looser crumb on the surface.

Both CECEC® and SuperCEDEC® footpath gravels are made from granite and quartzite materials, which will not affect the pH value of the surrounding soil and cause damage to growing trees. The permeable nature of SuperCEDEC® combined with its more stable structure make SuperCEDEC® ideally suited for use in urban tree-pits and footpaths.

Like CEDEC®, in order to function effectively, SuperCEDEC® needs to be used and rained upon. However, it will also function under cover if watered.

After compaction, coverage of SuperCEDEC®, either in tree pits or as a footpath gravel, is approximately 10m² per tonne at 50mm thick, compaction being about 25%. So, in order to compact to 50mm, an initial non-compacted layer of 65mm is required.