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A Garden For All Seasons

Project year: 2018
Posted: 05 Jul, 2018


‘A Garden For All Seasons’ is a perfect example of how you can get a lot of ‘rooms’ into one stylish scheme, from inviting alfresco dining areas to cosy seating arrangements.

This spring garden is all about the trees – the pink blossom takes centre stage, but getting the timing right and having the tree come into flower for the show was a challenge. Keeping the trees in mind, Kate opted for our Oyster Porcelain Paving from our EMPEROR Country Range, which beautifully replicates the natural patterning of wood in a cool grey shade. The paving was used to create and define smaller paths and walkways around the garden, with a long ‘corridor’ towards the back.

The cool grey tones of the Oyster EMPEROR porcelain paving was perfectly combined with the pale pink blossom, fresh green planting and orange corten steel structures. Kate also opted for our 10mm Flint Gravel for the dining space, specifically to help with drainage in that area of the garden but also to bring a different texture into the scheme.

Products used:
Flint Gravel
Mixed Glacial Boulders

Kate Gould

Designer: Kate Gould

Kate was encouraged by her parents to garden from a young age. What started out as simple hobby grew into a successful lifelong career. Kate Gould Gardens was started in 1998 out of Kate’s bedroom. 20 years and 5 Chelsea gold medals later, Kate is one of the most sought after garden designers in London.

But she hasn’t forgotten where it all began. It’s very likely you’ll still find her with her hands in the dirt, installing the latest exquisite planting scheme she has dreamt up. It’s this warmth and approachability that gives her the ability to work along with her clients. This, coupled with her passion, experience and strength of visualisation, is a tried and tested combination that yields beautiful results every time.

Burnham Landscaping Ltd

Contractor: Burnham Landscaping Ltd

Burnham Landscaping was established by Ed Burnham with an aim to provide a comprehensive garden design and construction service.

  • A Garden For All Seasons
  • Flint Gravel & Mixed Glacial Boulders
  • EMPEROR Country Porcelain Paving, Oyster
  • Flint Gravel
  • A Garden For All Seasons
  • EMPEROR Country Porcelain Paving, Oyster