CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes


Project year: 2021
Posted: 22 Nov, 2021

A beautiful example of our CEDEC footpath gravel being used in a domestic garden. Briarblue Garden Design has opted for our CEDEC gold for this garden pathway adding a lovely warmth to the design. Tiling between the doorway and the path works as a buffer so to avoid trailing CEDEC into the home.

CEDEC®'s combination of different graded aggregates create a firm, packed surface with approx. 25% compaction, which is still porous and retains moisture due to its reduced clay content. Made from granite or quartzite, CEDEC® is tree-friendly and does not affect the soil's pH balance.

Products used:
CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Gold

Designer: Briarblue Garden Design

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Contractor: Fern Landscapes

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