CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Chichester, Little London

Posted: 22 Apr, 2015


Chichester District Council


Yorkstone Paving & Granite Setts & Kerb


Most councils treat their car parks as though they would prefer not to think about them and‚ so often‚ they give such a bad impression to the visitor that they can be quite offputting. Here‚ in Chichester‚ however‚ the council provided a simple‚ yet elegant Yorkstone and granite kerb treatment which is a delight and so thoroughly in keeping with the visitor expectation for the city.

Even the pedestrian crossing to the roadway was sympathetically treated. Interestingly the granite chosen for the kerb is not the usual silver grey but a mid grey‚ considerably more robust and less likely to be damaged. Granite kerbs last for ages in any case but with the likelihood of frequent impact‚ this was an interesting and sensible approach and‚ alongside the Yorkstone‚ it looks good too.


Contractor: Landbuild

Formed in 2001, Landbuild is a dynamic, forward-thinking company offering a comprehensive range of Civil Engineering and Construction services. We offer a proactive approach to project development at the same time as being reactive in solving complex construction issues.

  • Chichester, Little London
  • Chichester, Little London
  • Chichester, Little London
  • Chichester, Little London