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Elements Mystique Garden

Project year: 2018
Posted: 05 Jul, 2018


Silver-Gilt Medal


Inspired by the work of Belgian sculptor William Roobrouck, Elements Garden Design has sought to showcase this artist’s latest statement piece – a 2.5m (8ft) diameter steel sphere, which represents a fallen meteor.

The impact of the sculpture ‘crash landing’ into an urban setting has affected the surroundings; from blackened fencing, burnt trees and scorched vegetation to ‘ruptured’ paving. We were delighted to donate our Mixed Glacial Boulders to the garden, which were sliced and laid close together like paving slabs. This resulted in a very uneven and disjointed paving scheme; a perfect contrast to the sharp lines and points of the steel orb sculpture.

Products used:
Mixed Glacial Boulders

Designer: Lawrence Roberts

Designer: William Roobrouck

Contractor: Elements Garden Design

  • Elements Mystique Garden
  • Sliced Mixed Galcial Boulders
  • Sliced Mixed Galcial Boulders
  • Sliced Mixed Galcial Boulders