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A Growing Obsession Garden

Project year: 2015
Posted: 26 Nov, 2015


Silver Medal


Yardley London Ltd and Perennial


The A Growing Obsession garden was designed with the focus of recreating a Victorian lady’s flower garden.

The garden, with a romantic Victorian theme, was inspired by Jane Loudon’s ‘Instructions in Gardening for Ladies’, written in 1840, to celebrate women’s influence in gardening since the Victorian era.

Built by TKE Landscaping Ltd, and assisted in the landscaping by the gardeners at Hever Castle, ‘A Growing Obsession’ was designed to be best viewed from a terrace, with its Victorian-style flowerbeds, paths for promenading and rockeries, which were a particularly fashionable garden accessory of the time.

Products used:
Reclaimed Paving
Golden Amber Footpath Gravel

Designer: Alexandra Stevenson

Designer: Jean Wardrop

Contractor: TKE Landscaping

  • A Growing Obsession Garden
  • CEDEC Gold Footpath Gravel
  • CEDEC Gold Footpath Gravel
  • CEDEC Gold Footpath Gravel
  • CEDEC Gold Footpath Gravel
  • A Growing Obsession Garden
  • A Growing Obsession Garden