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EMPEROR Limerick Porcelain Paving and Imperial Yellow Granite

Project year: 2022
Posted: 02 Oct, 2022

In this back garden project by Scenery Garden Design buff toned materials were used to create a warm and welcoming space.

EMPEROR Limerick Porcelain Paving was used for the main patio area and pathways, this was edged by Imperial Yellow Granite Setts, the texture and subtle colour differences between the two add interest to the design. FUGApave ABC system was used to install the paving, grouted with Fuga CH Limestone.

EMPEROR Adria Porcelain Paving has been used for the stepping stone pathway planted with Thyme, Rhodanthemum and Saxifraga .. these will spread out and carpet the soil so that footsteps will crush leaves and send out scent for a sensory walk through.

At the rear of the garden beautiful natural stone stairs take the customer down to an exit onto the river. Imperial Yellow Granite Edging Stones act as a buffer between the porcelain paving and the steps which have been built using Slabby Sandstone Rockery. Moss has been added to give the stairs a natural rustic look and saxifraga planting will add a splash of colour.

For the entrance to the house in contrast with the rustic feel of the exit steps, Imperial Yellow Granite Steps have been used, the bullnosed edge and Adria Porcelain risers giving a clean modern look. The sides have been clad with Yellow Paddlestones to echo the irregular slabby sandstone steps to the river and a little 30mm strip of 10-14mm gold quartzite gravel has been added before each riser for another little touch of detail.

Golden Quartzite Aggregate and Rockery has been used in the beds and borders to break up the planting.

Products used:
EMPEROR® Classic Porcelain Paving - Limerick
EMPEROR® Classic Porcelain Paving - Adria
Golden Quartzite Aggregate
Golden Quartzite Rockery
Slabby Sandstone Rockery
Imperial Step - Yellow Granite
Imperial Setts - Yellow Granite
Imperial Edging - Yellow Granite

Scenery Garden Design

Contractor: Scenery Garden Design

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