CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Mid and Light Grey Porcelain Paving and Celtic Blend Wild Stone

Project year: 2022
Posted: 01 Feb, 2023

In this back garden project, customer SPCS used different hard-landscaping materials and shades of grey to create a beautiful multi-level space.

On the top level, natural Grey Sandstone Paving has been laid, edged with matching Grey Sandstone Setts. The lower level features our Maharajah Mid Grey Porcelain Paving with its dark and light cloudy banding that draws the eye.

The retaining wall separating the levels is built with Celtic Blend Wild Stone Panels the grey shading ties in with the paving while the subtle blondes and gold add warmth to the scheme. Light Grey Porcelain Paving has been used to cope with the walls, again a different material so that each area is easily distinguishable without being in contrast.

Ebony Cloud Bullnosed Steps have been used to separate the levels and at the entrance to the home, and Polar White Aggregate makes a neat and fresh border around the edges of the house and fence.

A mish-mash of materials which complement each other beautifully.

Products used:
Maharajah Porcelain Paving - Mid Grey
Indian Paving - Grey Sandstone
Maharajah Porcelain Paving - Light Grey
Sovereign Step - Ebony Cloud
Wild Stone Natural - Celtic Blend
White Marble Aggregate

Contractor: SPCS