CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Near Future Garden

Project year: 2016
Posted: 11 Jul, 2016


Gold Medal

Other Materials:

MOT Type 1, Weathered Limestone Aggregate


The ‘Near Future Garden’ was designed to showcase Climate Change and the ever changing challenges it brings to gardeners across the UK. Designed with drought-resistant plants, the design was an example of what could soon become a typical ‘English’ garden.

With wind, sun and water sculptures located within the garden, the importance of renewable energy was also represented. Footprints embedded within the footpath, which was constructed from our CEDEC Silver, represented the importance of our carbon footprints and aimed to get visitors thinking about theirs.

Products used:
Weathered Limestone Rockery
CEDEC Footpath Gravel - Silver

Designer: Arit Anderson

Contractor: Landscape Associates

  • Near Future Garden
  • CEDEC Silver Footpath Gravel
  • CEDEC Silver Footpath Gravel, Weathered Limestone Rockery & Weathered Limestone Aggregate