CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Newcastle College

Posted: 21 Apr, 2015


May Contractors


So much of what one thinks about a building is governed by the impression gained on arrival. This applies everywhere but is never more evident than when providing buildings to be used by school children and students. Provide a welcoming entrance and much that is good follows.

Here‚ just a little extra has been spent on the materials‚ but the design was so well thought through that the total costs were kept tightly under control. Precise detailing of the large pieces‚ together with predetermined setting of lighting and street furniture meant all could be fitted in without cutting on site.

CED Stone worked together with the landscape architect to ensure that everything was practical‚ the tolerances were understood and curved cutting was replaced by carefully calculated tapers.

The choice of colours is lovely‚ giving an immediate feeling of warmth and friendliness at the entrance and the whole space can now be seen as clean‚ tidy‚ well managed and well respected as is the central courtyard with its seating areas much appreciated in the summer.


Designer: Planit-IE