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London, RIBA Roof Terrace

Posted: 21 Apr, 2015


Dan Pearson Studios


Gardenlink Ltd


Yellow Granite‚ Black Basalt & Semi Polished Porphyry Paving


The Dan Pearson Studio approached CED Stone Group‚ while we were discussing another scheme‚ to help with a competition that they had entered. This competition was to re-design the roof terrace for the cafe at the RIBA headquarters in London. The lead architect was Heidi Harvey and she introduced the basic plans that they had. It was then down to CED Stone to try to make the correct product selection and while doing so‚ also having to consider some of the design issues both technically and aesthetic.

One of the dilemas that became apparent was the overall weight of the terrace and finding a way to keep the stone weight down. After looking at drawings and plans the agreement was made to supply: General Paving & Skirting (some to a radius): Yellow Granite 25mm thick with a bush hammered top. Seating area design: A combination of three materials in concentric rectangles; semi-polished porphyry‚ bush hammered yellow granite and polished black basalt. Through careful design and selection of the stone CED Stone Group were able to keep the costs of the stone down to under £7500.00.

  • London, RIBA Roof Terrace
  • London, RIBA Roof Terrace
  • London, RIBA Roof Terrace
  • London, RIBA Roof Terrace