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Rosslyn Chapel

Project year: 2015
Posted: 26 Apr, 2023

Rosslyn Chapel, located a few miles south of Edinburgh, was founded in 1446 by Sir William St Clair as a place of worship, and to this day functions as such, holding weekly services for the community. Our first involvement with this prestigious and historic site was in 2013 when we met with Ian White Associates. They were trying to source gravel that would blend in with the Chapel and the surrounding area.

An extensive restoration contract on the Chapel building was near completion, and the grounds were also in need of some repair. We were specified to supply Scotia Pink Granite Aggregate. At that time, we provided samples and recommended our gravel stabilisation system, ECCOgravel. The budget, however, did not allow for its use, and the project went ahead using the loose aggregate.

The Chapel welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and the loose gravel was causing problems for people with limited mobility, wheelchair users and those with pushchairs.

Within a couple of years of completing the first project, we received a call to meet with the architect and curator with a proposal to use ECCOgravel to solve the now obvious problem of pedestrian and wheelchair access around the Chapel.

We set up a sample panel to allow the current owners, the curator and the architect to see how our product would perform. We subsequently got approval to install the ECCOgravel system.

We were able to reuse the existing aggregate as a fill for ECCOgravel with only a small addition for topping up, and it is still performing exceptionally well today. No other system would be right in retaining the period look that a gravel surface provides, and this is every bit as important as providing a stable surface to walk and drive on.

Products used:
Scotia Pink Aggregate