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Reflecting Photonics Garden

Project year: 2015
Posted: 25 Nov, 2015


Gold Medal, People’s Choice Award


The innovative Reflecting Photonics Garden based on this year's light theme paid excellent attention to detail and beautifully portrayed the effect of light splitting.

The array of plants display a full spectrum of colour and have been planted in a way that they reflect refracted light. White plants can be seen at the beginning of the garden slowly transitioning into a rainbow of colour when passing the awe-inspiring, light-filled pavilion. Each individual panel within the pavilion was carefully selected and placed so that they either reflect colour onto the garden or mirrors parts of the garden, depending on the position of the sun at specific moments in time.

CED’s White Marble Aggregate and ECCOgravel were used to create a white meandering path. At each bend in the path a rainbow of SureSet was added, to illustrate the spectrum seen when light refracts or is caused to bend.

Helen said: “We have used CED products for many of our client’s gardens to great success and indeed in my own garden, but this is the first time we used them for a show garden. From initial conversations to completed works, everything was very smooth and straightforward. CED delivered everything as discussed – which is exactly what is needed for all projects and show gardens even more so!”

Products used:
White Marble Aggregate

Designer: Helen Elks-Smith

Contractor: Turf 'N' Earth

  • White Marble Aggregate & CEDAdrive
  • Reflecting Photonics Garden
  • Reflecting Photonics Garden
  • Reflecting Photonics Garden
  • White Marble Aggregate & CEDAdrive