CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

The Black Pepper Garden

Project year: 2015
Posted: 26 Nov, 2015


Silver-Gilt Award


Red bricks


Ben was inspired by the industrial revolution and the harsh social and economic changes it caused. The scorched wood pergola represents the soot-covered trees, while the name of the garden is taken from the black-peppered moth, which was forced to evolve due to the pollution caused by the industrial revolution.

The planting recreates the habitat that the moth thrives in, a red brick path cuts across the habitat, leading towards a seating area and the pergola.

CED sponsored this red brick path, which symbolises the industrialisation of idyllic countrysides. Built by The Potting Sheds, the garden is a true reflection of the rural habitats of the north west of England which are gradually becoming devoured by urbanisation.

Designer: Ben Edwards

Contractor: The Potting Sheds