CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Great Gardens Of The USA

Project year: 2017
Posted: 30 Aug, 2017


Brand USA


This year, designer Sadie May Stowell took on three ‘Great Gardens Of The USA’ gardens for RHS Hampton Court, each with a completely different style and design.

The Oregon Garden


Silver-Gilt Medal

This garden is designed to capture the natural beauty of the landscape and gardens of Oregon and takes inspiration from its mountainous landscape, “Rose Test” garden and Japanese-style gardens.

The backdrop of the Oregon Garden consists of rocky outcrops representing mountains, made up of Gabbro Boulders and Weathered Limestone Rockery. Conifer trees will be planted into these to give a feeling of height and scale.

Pathways will be constructed from crushed Black Basalt Aggregate, reflecting similar colours to those of the natural stone found in the region. The pathway leads to a pool of water, changing the colour of the gravel to a dramatic dark grey. The planting colour palette consists of deep reds, cream and pinks.

Materials: Gabbro Boulders, Weathered Limestone Rockery & Black Basalt Aggregate

The Charleston Garden


Silver-Gilt Medal

Taking its inspiration from Charleston’s renowned hidden gardens, this garden is designed to capture the spirit, charm and elegance of Charleston. The centrepiece is a scaled-down replica of Charleston’s famous pineapple water feature – a symbol of welcome. A pair of lemon trees frame the entrance to the garden.

The distinctive Black Limestone Crazy Paving forms a palette of blue slate and oyster shell, in reference to the historic streets of Charleston.

Materials: Black Limestone Crazy Paving

The Beaches Of Fort Myers & Sanibel


Bronze Medal

This garden aims to capture the beauty and character of the Edison Winter Estates, in particular, Ellen Biddle Shipman’s Moonlight Garden.

Materials such as reclaimed stone, water, wooden trellises and lighting are incorporated into the design to give it authenticity. The main focal point is a front elevation of the office which Thomas Edison used on a daily basis, clad in a bespoke natural stone wall cladding supplied by CED Stone.

The central feature of the garden is a rectangular pool of aqua-still water. This pool contains water lily plants and is lined with reclaimed Yorkstone Flags, spaced evenly to allow an ‘overgrown’ grass effect.

Materials: Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags, Bespoke Tier Panel System

Products used:
Mixed Glacial Boulders
Weathered Limestone Rockery
Black Basalt Aggregate
Reclaimed Paving
Indian Paving - Black Limestone

Designer: Sadie May Stowell

  • The Oregon Garden
  • The Oregon Garden
  • The Charleston Garden
  • The Charleston Garden
  • The Charleston Garden
  • The Beaches Of Fort Myers & Sanibel
  • The Beaches Of Fort Myers & Sanibel