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VTB Capital Garden: Spirit of Cornwall

Project year: 2018
Posted: 05 Jul, 2018


Silver-Gilt Meda


VTB Capital


This unique creative collaboration brings together garden designers, architects, musicians, a composer and a sculptor, all commissioned by VTB Capital, a leading international bank. The garden is a multi-sensory experience inspired by renowned British sculptor Barbara Hepworth, and by music composed by Leo Geyer, specially commissioned by the Hepworth Estate and Tate St Ives to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hepworth’s own garden in St Ives.

Contemporary in style, the garden features a palette of subtropical and temperate plants, illustrating the unique microclimates found throughout Cornwall. The metalwork reflects the sound wave pattern of the music, with its peak at the garden pavilion, a space for composing and performing designed by architects Studio Evans Lane. Water features echo the sea views from Hepworth’s garden, and the continuous circulation of water reinforces the musical motif. Our Paddlestones have been set randomly at the bottom of the water, with orange tinges giving a rustic, murky style.

Products used:
Grey Paddlestones

Designer: Studio Evans Lane

Designer: Stuart Charles Towner

Contractor: RDC Landscapes Ltd

  • VTB Capital Garden - Spirit of Cornwall
  • Grey Paddlestones

Products used