CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Governance and Accountability structure:

CED buys and sells, finished natural stone products from over-seas production sites and UK factory sources. We have six Depots nationwide and have a far reaching, cross UK sales coverage. We have been in business for over forty years and pride ourselves as being innovative market leaders with a strong reputation for fairness and honesty.

We are a quality conscious, customer orientated, family run business and aim to provide long lasting solutions to create perfect interactive spaces for customers; our products stand the test of time and can be recycled and used again in the future for new applications.

Market leaders in the sourcing and supply of natural stone, we take responsibility for sourcing ethically and with proper environmental and climate impact considerations.

Our Board of Directors are responsible for the good Governance of CED management decisions, business methods and procedures. They are accountable to the companies’ Shareholders, trading partners, customers, employees, and other stake holders for ensuring that our business is conducted in a legal, fair and ethical manner.

As well as actively working as Director for the Commercial Department at CED; Calum is also our Ethical Trade Manager and is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of over-seas sourcing conform with the companies’ ethical trade strategies and procedures. As well as the purchasing practices he also manages quality control and sales strategies, making sure they align with “in country” employment laws and conform with full respect and consideration for Human Rights within our supply chain.

Calum works closely with the Managing Director, Giles Heap and other Board members as necessary, to ensure ethical compliance and improvement. Calum is accountable for supply chain risk assessments as well as ethical trade methods and procedures within CED Stone’s Commercial Department. He is also responsible for communicating ethical information on progress, strategy and any critical issues, to the other Directors in Board meetings which take place 3 to 4 times per year.

Calum has full responsibility for devising and growing our Ethical Trading Strategy. He is also responsible for signing off on our over-seas supplier orders and therefore ideally positioned to ensure compliance with our policy, strategy and goals. Our over-seas purchases are made from within the Commercial Department where the staff are trained and coached, to be aware of how their roles could impact, Human Rights in our supply chain. Our conscientious Commercial team include an accountable management structure where roles are individually defined. The department includes Buying, Logistics, Project Management, Estimating and Technical, all areas of our business where ethical decisions must be considered. Calum and his team discuss, purchase and sourcing decisions regularly, regarding issues arising and any necessary reviews of our Ethical Trade Policy and strategy. Laura King, as Commercial and operations manager, has responsibility to ensure that correct procedures and systems are followed within the Department.

Calum has travelled widely and sometimes for extended periods to the factories and quarries across our supply chain, where in addition to carrying out Commercial purchasing, quarry checks, CED factory inspections and Quality control tasks; has also consistently challenged suppliers on the Ethical Base Code requirements and highlighted Ethical principles and Human Rights issues. Strong relationships have been developed with suppliers over many years. In additions to conducting CED factory Ethical inspection checks he has also, (in collaboration), arranged worker H&S training and worker interviews.

Calum is also responsible for CED internal ethical training with a focus on business practices that respects Human Rights and do not put workers at extra risk of exploitation.

To ensure compliance, ethical, environmental and sustainability working methods and strategy are reviewed regularly and shared in inter-department communications as necessary, by Calum, Laura and the team. They work within the latest ISO 9001 quality standard to risk assess actions, monitor performance, and review procedures to improve our overall contribution as a caring and fair business and to ensure our actions do not negatively impact society and the planet.