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No Child Labour Policy

CED Stone imports saleable natural stone products which are sawn, split, cut and finished at various factory units located across Europe and Asia. The factories procure the raw blocks and slabs for processing from local mines and quarries. We endeavour to help create a good and safe working environment for the workers making our goods, where equality is championed and mutual respect engendered, where living wages are paid and working hours are not excessive. We will not tolerate or accept the use of child labour in our supply chain and will constantly reinforce with our suppliers that any form of Child Labour is completely unacceptable.

We value Ethical trade as a cornerstone of our business and confirm the following as our code of conduct regarding Child Labour when buying and transporting the goods that we sell:

⦁ There will be no Child Labour used in the making or procuring of our natural stone products.

⦁ We will constantly reinforce our message with suppliers, business partners and other stake-holders. Including the need for them to monitor their own supply chain.

⦁ We will continue to monitor and inspect our supply base regularly for signs that any form of forced or Child Labour could be present.

⦁ We will continue to work with our trading partners to improve HR paperwork and employee contracts so that proof of age and identity are fully transparent.

⦁ Commit to continuation of our robust checking systems in place for any contract cleaners that we use in our UK offices.

We have systems and resources in place should we uncover any instances of Child Labour in our supply chain. These include but are not limited to mitigation, remedy, removing child from harm and cessation of trade.

Calum Fraser – Director Commercial Division