CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes


Project year: 2022
Posted: 01 Jul, 2022


Bronze Medal


West Yorkshire Spinners
Topiary and Hedging
CED Stone

In Support of

Alzheimer’s Research UK


Made in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK, the Connections garden was built to highlight the changing dynamics in a family when someone is diagnosed with dementia. The planting included native meadow species often considered weeds but in actual fact are plants which promote biodiversity in the garden. Giant scabious and Scotch Thistle added height to the woodland garden which also featured a felled tree with saplings growing around it. One of the main features in the garden was the Slatewood walkway, covered in a yarn-bombed structure this claustrophobic space was to emphasise the confusion and disorientation experienced in people with dementia.

Products used:
Slatewood Palisades

Designer: Ryan McMahon

Contractor: MUSA Landscapes

MUSA Landscapes believe in creating beautiful spaces centred around the customer. They offer a fully integrated service from initial design consultation, creating concept designs for your garden design including 3D models to bring to life your design, and offer a construction and ongoing maintenance service for your garden.

Products used