CED Stone Inspiring Beautiful Landscapes

Inner Sanctum

Project year: 2016
Posted: 24 Jul, 2016


Silver Gilt Award


Rosalind Rosewarne and Charlotte Khan


Garden designers Rosalind Rosewarne and Charlotte Khan are collaborated as Archangelica Designs for their début show garden at this year’s RHS Tatton Park. Privately sponsored, their garden, ‘Inner Sanctum’, is inspired by famous mathematician and the number sequence named after him; Fibonacci.

Aimed to be a garden where one who is interested in mathematics and the natural world can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the plot is just 6m x 4m and will incorporate the Fibonacci sequence in as many elements as possible.

Constructed using our Golden Amber Footpath Gravel and inlaid with our Cathedral Setts at key points to mark the inward movement of the path, the garden path follows the curve of the Fibonacci spiral, with the final bend of the curve leading to the metal arbour.

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Products used:
Golden Amber Footpath Gravel
Cathedral Setts - Green Sandstone
Scottish Beach Cobbles