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Rias de Galicia: A Garden at the End of the Earth

Project year: 2018
Posted: 05 Jul, 2018


Silver Medal


Turismo de Galicia


This garden cleverly replicates the salty beach coves in Rias De Galicia on the Atlantic Coast in north-west Spain, showcasing tough and salt-resistant planting typical of the region.

The wall at the back of the garden is made up of 5,000 scallop shells that were shipped in from Spain. Shell cladding is a traditional building method in Galicia, often found on west-facing walls to stop damp problems inside the building. The composition paints a small, secluded cove, glimpsed through pine trees. A path winds up from the beach though a palette of shrubs, rock plants and atmospheric grasses, to a fisherman’s cottage.

We were delighted to donate a range of different materials to this garden, including Scottish Beach Cobbles, Scottish Beach Pebbles, Silver Grey Granite Aggregate, Black and Blue Slate Aggregate, Pearly Quartz Pebbles, Porphyry Plattens, Firebird Gneiss Rockery, Weathered Limestone Rockery, Natural Grey Paddlestones, Tumbled Aged Red Cobbles and Tumbled White Marble Cobbles.

Products used:
Silver Grey Granite Aggregate
Scottish Beach Cobbles
Black Slate Aggregate
Pearly Quartz Pebbles
Porphyry Plattens
Firebird Gneiss Rockery
Weathered Limestone Rockery
Grey Paddlestones
Aegean White Cobbles & Pebbles

Designer: Rose McMonigall

Contractor: Bowood Landscapes Ltd

  • Rias de Galicia: A Garden at the End of the Earth
  • Rias de Galicia: A Garden at the End of the Earth
  • Firebird Gneiss & Weathered Limestone Rockery